Legal disclaimer and authorization of the media


Sport Kempocan Inc. and/or Kempocan Inc. and/or Complexe le Pheonix and/or Centre d’arts martiaux Villari and/or Centres d’arts martiaux Villari Laval, including their teachers, employees, directors, administrators, shareholders, officers, representatives, agents, attorneys, insurers, lessor, creditor as well as their beneficiaries, heirs and legatees (hereinafter collectively referred to as the « Complex ») reserve their rights to cancel, at any time and at their sole discretion, any subscription in the event of abuse, misconduct or following any action or event that could, at sole discretion of the Complex, be detrimental to the Complex. I understand and accept the fact that the Complex will not grant any refund, regardless of the amount, the time or the reason of cancellation.


I hereby understand that the learning, training and practice of martial arts, and more extensively of any combat sports, can be dangerous and constitute an inherently hazardous activity. I hereby declare that I have, or the minor child for whom I am the legal guardian has, the physical ability to perform or carry out the program(s)that I choose of my own free will at the agreed-upon price.


I expressly declare that I assume the risk of any injury or damage, incurred directly or indirectly in any manner whatsoever, that may result from the activities carried at the Complex, such activities involving the risks inherent to their practice, and I release the Complex from all and any liability for damages of any nature, in particular but not limited to physical, mental, damages resulting in disease, dysfunction or death. I hereby release the Complex from all liability whatsoever in relation to any activity practiced at the Complex.


I hereby understand that I am responsible for my own or others’ belongings. I release the Complex from all and any liability in the event of loss, theft or breakage of my belongings.


I authorize the Complex to send me e-mails relating to activities, news and / or promotions. The Complex certifies that my information will not be shared nor sold to a third party without my prior consent with the exception of the services utilized by the Complexe and Sport Kempocan Inc.


I, free of any charge, grant revocable permission to the Complex (such revocation being only valid for the future, meaning upon the reception of a written notice in this regard by the Complex. Furthermore, this revocation will only be valid for the material for which the production has not yet began. The Complex having no obligation whatsoever to modify, destroy or fix the promotional material, whatever it is, existing at the date of receipt of the notice of revocation.) to use all my photographs and video or sound recordings, or the ones of the minor for whom I am the legal guardian, that will have been captured in all activities, events and / or competitions organized by the Complex or in which the Complex participates, directly or indirectly in any manner, for advertising purposes, development or promotion of the Complex or in the context of its activities.


Such images or videos can be published in any form including (but not limited to) the Complex’s websites, its Facebook pages or any social media, printed publications such as announcements, posters or audiovisual publications, such as, but not limited to, TV.


I hereby acknowledge that changes in scaling, density and color may occur during reproduction.


I hereby waive all and any request, lawsuit, compensation or claim, whatsoever, in connection with this authorization and/or use of said photographs and/or video or sound recordings.


I hereby declare that I am 18 years of age or older and that I am able to sign this form in my own name, or in the name of the minor child for whom I am the legal guardian. I have read and understood all the implications concerning this authorization for the use of image, the legal disclaimer and the media authorization. I acknowledge that I had the opportunity to ask relevant questions in relation to this to my legal advisors, the Complex or any others person and that I received satisfactory answers thereby waiving my right to invoke the invalidity of any or all undertakings or herein conditions for reasons that they are incomprehensible, illegible or abusive.


I hereby acknowledge the fact that the current covenants supersede and override all previous agreement to the same effects and that they represent the final agreement binding me to the Complex with the aspects found therein.