Terms and conditions for household discounts

To be eligible for a household discount, there must be an active primary membership to one of our monthly (1 month, 3 months or 6 months) services excluding Tactical Defense.
The member must reside in the same household as the primary member and will be verified against valid identifications such as a students school record, drivers license, other proof of address like a hydro bill. This proof and validation must be done in person at our facility with an administration personnel. The following exceptions can also be eligible for the family discount:
- Parent of a child with shared custody and have different address.
- A brother or sister both under 18-years-old that do not live in the same household.
- A person that resides at the same address but is not a family member.
For the discount to apply, the primary member must have an active monthly service except for Tactical Defense services.
Should the primary membership not renew his or her service with one of any of the monthly services excluding tactical defense, then the next member becomes the primary membership and will pay the regular price for their services and any other household member meeting the conditions of this discount would continue to apply.

If we determine there is fraudulent activity around the household discount, we reserve the right to cancel your membership without refund.