Complexe Le Pheonix history

olympic boxing competition

Complexe Le Pheonix was founded in January 2007 under the presidency of Stéphanie Latour (main shareholder and sole shareholder) with the help of his spouse (at that time) Tony Mosquetta. The main goal of the Complexe was to revive an old boxing gym that had closed its doors in St-Francois, Laval, leaving several members in sadness. On this occasion, Ms. Latour saw the opportunity to offer, in addition to boxing, several other services complementary to the sport of combat such as kickboxing, MMA, massotherapy and other services. Hence the meaning of the french word Complexe.

As many others, the complex experienced several difficulties, which ultimately lid to it's sale to Sport Kempocan Inc. in December 2008.

The purpose of this purchase by Sport Kempocan Inc. (chaired and sole shareholder; Alain Martel) was mainly to transform this scnene into a martial arts complex where all those wishing to practice a combat sport and a martial art could exercised in a friendly and familiar place. Obviously, the complex also offered specialized services such as BOXING, KICK BOXING, MMA, SHAOLIN KEMPO KARATE and SELF DEFENCE. In 2014, TACTICAL DEFENCE was added following a partnership with the CFTQ.

Every day, since the involvement of Alain Martel, Complexe Le Pheonix strives to be more than a martial arts gym. The complex is aiming to be, for any person of good values, a place for companionship, emotional release, personal development and respect.